October 2022

Brand new website!

We are pleased to present our brand new website, rokucommunity.github.io. This is a great resource for showcasing all of the different projects and tools that are managed by RokuCommunity.

A huge shout out to Arturo Cuya for the fantastic work designing and building the site.


We finally have a logo! You should be able to see this on our website


as well as on our GitHub organization. image

VSCode Extension Updates

We’ve added several new features to the BrightScript language extension for VSCode.

All launch configuration settings are now available in user/workspace settings under the brightscript.debug key (#438)


The “clear rendezvous history” button has been moved out of the menu and into the title bar of that section (#444)


Rendezvous events can now be cleared even when debug session is not running. (#444)

Added a brightscript.deviceDiscovery.concealDeviceInfo option to obscure the device-info (#443)

This can be very useful when recording a presentation, as it will conceal all of your Roku’s sensitive information. All of the device IDs in the screenshot below have been obscured. image

Fixed crash when device encountered certain rendezvous log entries (roku-debug#108)

Added goto definition for enum statements and enum members (brighterscript#715)


BrighterScript Changes

Added support for nested namespaces (brighterscript#708)

Thanks to Elliot Nelson for landing this much-requested feature! nested-namespaces

Added syntax and transpile support for continue statement (brighterscript#697)

Bug fixes and performance improvements

- fix token location for bs1042 ([brighterscript#719](https://github.com/rokucommunity/brighterscript/pull/719))
- fix signature help resolution for callexpressions ([brighterscript#707](https://github.com/rokucommunity/brighterscript/pull/707))
- fix transpilation of simple else block with leading comment ([brighterscript#712](https://github.com/rokucommunity/brighterscript/pull/712))
- fix enum error for negative values ([brighterscript#703](https://github.com/rokucommunity/brighterscript/pull/703))
- fix: finds and includes more deeply embedded expressions ([brighterscript#696](https://github.com/rokucommunity/brighterscript/pull/696))
- fix xml parse bug during benchmarking ([#brighterscript0805c1f](https://github.com/rokucommunity/brighterscript/commit/0805c1f))
- fix: scope validation performance boost ([brighterscript#656](https://github.com/rokucommunity/brighterscript/pull/656))
- fix: error during transpile with duplicate file paths ([brighterscript#691](https://github.com/rokucommunity/brighterscript/pull/691))
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