Extension Settings

This extension contributes the following settings:


specify case of keywords when formatting


specify whether composite words (ie: "endif", "endfor") should be broken apart into their two-word format (ie: "end if", "end for")


specify whether trailing whitespace should be removed on format


If true (the default), all whitespace between items is reduced to exactly 1 space character, and certain keywords and operators are padded with whitespace (i.e. 1+1 becomes 1 + 1)


If true, a space is inserted to the left of an opening function declaration parenthesis. (i.e. function main () or function ()). If false, all spacing is removed (i.e. function main() or function()).


if true, empty curly braces will contain exactly 1 whitespace char (i.e. { }). If false, there will be zero whitespace chars between empty curly braces (i.e. {})


If set to true, will print stack trace or breakpoint info in the log output. Set to false to avoid noisy logs - you'll still get the traces in the debug console, in any case


If set to true, focus on the brightscript log when launching, which is convenient for controlling your roku with the extension's remote control keys. Experimental. Does not always work


If set to true, will clear the brightscript log when launching


If set to true, will clear the brightscript log after connecting to the Roku channel after launching


specifies the display format for log output pkg link


If set to true, an info toast will be shown when a Roku device has been found on the network.


If set to true, the extension will automatically watch and scan the network for online Roku devices. This can be pared with the ${promptForHost} option in the launch config to display a list of online Rokus, removing the need to constantly change the host IP in your config files.


Give the ability to run a list of commands on port 8080 of the device at the start of a debug session. Currently there are three supported short hands for the most commonly desired commands. These are: