Keyboard shortcuts

Keybinding (Windows) Keybinding (Mac) Command Description
ctrl+L ctrl+L extension.brightscript.markLogOutput Add a new mark line in the BrightScript output panel
ctrl+alt+k ctrl+alt+k extension.brightscript.clearLogOutput Clear the current log output
win+ctrl+l cmd+ctrl+l extension.brightscript.setOutputLogLevelFilter Filter the BrightScript Output by log level (info, warn, debug)
win+ctrl+i cmd+ctrl+i extension.brightscript.setOutputIncludeFilter Filter the BrightScript Output by typing text you want to include
win+ctrl+x cmd+ctrl+x extension.brightscript.setOutputExcludeFilter Filter the BrightScript output by typing text you want to exclude
ctrl+k cmd+k extension.brightscript.toggleRemoteControlMode Enables/disables the remote control mode used to emulate a roku remote from your keyboard

See the remote-control-mode page for details about what keyboard shortcuts are available when Remote Control Mode is enabled.