Release Notes for v2.0.0


The extension now uses roku-deploy version 3, which made some changes to the files array. Standard projects should be unaffected, but more advanced projects may require modifications to their files array. Please take a moment to review the new files specification here. The most notable changes are:

The LanguageServer

After being in beta for over a year, we are proud to announce that the language server is now enabled by default in the mainline version of the extension. Standard projects should work automatically, and several alternative project structures should also work with a minimal amount of configuration. (see the README about how customize the language server to your project's needs).

Under the hood, the language server is powered by the Brighterscript language, which is a superset of BrightScript. Don't worry, you are not required to write any BrighterScript code, as it works just fine with standard BrightScript.

The language server is still fairly new, and we expect there to be bugs. If you encounter errors for valid syntax, please file an issue. You can disable errors for a specific line by adding a comment above the erraneous line (full instructions here). For example:


The primary motivation for the ignore feature was to provide a stopgap measure to hide incorrectly-thrown errors on legitimate brightscript code due to parser bugs. It is recommended that you only use these comments when absolutely necessary.

If all else fails, you can completely disable the language server by setting "brightscript.enableLanguageServer":false in your user/workspace settings.

Please let us know about any problems you find with the language server.